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Travelling Can Make Refreshing Changes In Human Life.

Tips Before Travelling

Before you leave home study the place where u going.If you are going to some unknown place prefer a guide who will show you all the places with its details history.

Take a strong water bottle and boil or purify your drinking water, rather than buying bottled water

Always carry your first-aid box .

One of the best things about travelling is making connections with people from different cultures, in an authentic and mutually enjoyable way.

Tour To India

India is a country, which is traditionally down to earth and yet making its mark on the global front with its modernism. It has worth to compete any country on the global front but still it is a country that holds its dignified sanskars (morals) intact.

India offers its visitors the most unexpected, all those things that they may not find anywhere else all across the globe. On your tour to India, you must be ready to be received by overwhelmingly warm people, spend your holidays in tourist friendly destinations and beauty, that is sure to leave you speechless and fascinated.

The neighbouring countries of China, Nepal, Burma, Bhutan and Bangladesh lie in the west and the island of Sri Lanka are towards the south. The Tropic of Cancer divides India in half. There are many great rivers in India, like the Godavari, Narmada, Krishna, the Brahmaputra, Cauveri, Ganga and Yamuna crossing all over the Indian terrain. The Indians worship these rivers, as they bring fertility and prosperity.

Since ancient times India has been the center of the travelers' attention, who are charmed with the natural beauty in various forms here. Its pictures sites range from mighty snow-capped Himalayas, hot deserts, vast plains, exotic beaches and holy pilgrimage sites of all religions.

Indian cuisine is also one of the attractive features of your tour to India. It has that spicy hot taste that you will not be able to forget for ages. The North Indian Paranthas, puri, curries while the South India dosas, tea, idli, vada or rasam are too delicious to resist. The whole year of India is marked with festivals that the citizens celebrate with full enthusiasm and regard. Republic Day, Deepavali, Holi, Rakshabandhan, Shivratri, Janmashtami, Dussehra, Easter, Good Friday, Eid, New Year are a few to name.

SomeFamous Places Of India

Goa Shirdi Agra
Allahabad Amritsar Bangalore
Chennai Coimbatore Coorg
Corbett Delhi Guwahati
Haridwar /Rishikesh Jaipur Jammu
Kochi Kohima Kolkata
Ladakh Manali Mathura
Mumbai Mussoorie Mysore
Nanital Ooty Port Blair
Shimla Srinagar Tirupati
Thiruvananthapuram Vaishno Devi Visakhapatnam
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