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Shutter Siren
Technical Specification
The System is installed from inside at the pet lock of the shutter with help of four nut and bolts.At the time of closing. We have to pull-down the shutter and make the system activated by taking out the keys. Please check the system by pressing indictor switch.

After putting down the shutter. We have to lock the shutter from outside. The ''Plunger'' Provided with the system gets fully inserted by the bottom surface and makes the system activded.

Now, if any unauthorise entry is made by any means and the shutter is lifted even by 2 inches, the plunger is set free and the siren gets blown within 15 seconds and goes on for atleast 3 hours untill it is switched off by its own key.

1. 30.6 cms Length
  10.3 cms width
  4.8 cms Height
2. 1.5 kgs with packing
3. 110 dB Sound .
4. YP Speaker, 3 Watts. 4 Ohms
5. "MINDA" Lock.
6. Components
[a] Rsisdance Philips/Keltron
[b]. Capecitors-Keltron
[c] I.C Motorola/National/ Hitachi
[d] Transistors Philips/Keltron
7. Printed Circuit Board Paper Phinolic /Glass epoxy with Green masking Conductive thickness of tracks 35 Microns.
8. 12 Nos. of R6 ( UM-3 DG) 1.5 Volts. "Batteries".
9. Fitted with Brass Screws.
10. Installed with Chrome platted washers and Nut Bolts.
11. Zinc Platted Plunger of 5cms Length.

FAQ : Frequently Asked Question

Why do we require this system ?

An unauthorized entry in to the Shops, Godown, Banks and Warehouses by braking open the Shutter is the most common modus operandi noticed in the case of theft, Loot, Robbery and Riots. Till very recently we had no direct solution for this and we had to depend entirely on the security guards. As we all know due to its centralized nature & dependence on individuals such security system has never been so effective. Protection of Shops, Godowns etc. has always been a point of great worry & pain for the owners. But now you have hundred percent solution of this problem i e. now you have “ELECTRO GUARD SHUTTER SIREN”– the only of it’s own kind in India.

How do this system works in tragedy?

“ELECTRO GUARD SHUTTER SIREN” is a typically designed tailor made safety device for the total protection of unauthorized entry into your Shops; Godowns etc. by braking open the Shutter. Believe it or not this self activating device gives siren signal even if someone opens the Shutter by even few inches.

Where this system is going to be fitted ?

This System will be fitted by our trained technician. It is fitted inner side of your shutter in the bottom (where your center locks has been fitted).

Can it be fitted in any type of shutters availabel in the market ?

Yes, it will. “ELECTRO GUARD SHUTTER SIREN” is a typically tailor made safety device. After a year of research and study all type of Shutters available in the market, we have made this product. So, that it can be fitted in all type and model of shutters available in the market.

What about its wirring and electric connection ?

“ELECTRO GUARD SHUTTER SIREN SYSTEM” is totally gives us freedom from all hassle of electric wiring. This system totally works on self battery. So, you don’t need to worry whether there is an electric cut-off or if somebody intensely cuts your electric connection and also gives you totally freedom from the yearly wiring maintenance cost.

What is its yearly maintenance cost ?

“ELECTRO GUARD SHUTTER SIREN SYSTEM” works totally on its self battery (12 batteries of 1.5 volts) and its cost came near about 100 rupees approx... (This is less costly than your monthly Tea Expense of your firm). Basically, its batteries work for 1 ½ yrs approx but we always advice to change it every year for better performance. If once its siren signal used continuously for three to four hours in a single time, then you have to replace the batteries. INSTEAD A LOSS OF 100 RUPEES (Approx. cost of 12 batteries of 1.5 volts) IS A PROFIT FOR NOT GETTING A LOSS OF LAKHS OF RUPEES IN THEFT, LOOT OR BURGLERY.

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